The Zebrafish GenomeWiki: A crowdsourcing approach to connect the long tail for zebrafish gene annotation

Meghna Singh, Deeksha Bhartiya, Jayant Maini, Meenakshi Sharma, Angom Ramcharan Singh, Subburaj Kadarkaraisamy, Rajiv Rana, Ankit Sabharwal, Srishti Nanda, Aravindhakshan Ramachandran, Ashish Mittal, Shruti Kapoor, Paras Sehgal, Zainab Asad, Kriti Kaushik, Shamsudheen Karuthedath Vellarikkal, Divya Jagga, Muthulakshmi Muthuswami, Rajendra K. Chauhan, Elvin LeonardRuby Priyadarshini, Mahantappa Halimani, Sunny Malhotra, Ashok Patowary, Harinder Vishwakarma, Prateek Joshi, Vivek Bhardwaj, Arijit Bhaumik, Bharat Bhatt, Aamod Jha, Aalok Kumar, Prerna Budakoti, Mukesh Kumar Lalwani, Rajeshwari Meli, Saakshi Jalali, Kandarp Joshi, Koustav Pal, Heena Dhiman, Saurabh V. Laddha, Vaibhav Jadhav, Naresh Singh, Vikas Pandey, Chetana Sachidanandan, Stephen C. Ekker, Eric W. Klee, Vinod Scaria, Sridhar Sivasubbu

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A large repertoire of gene-centric data has been generated in the field of zebrafish biology. Although the bulk of these data are available in the public domain, most of them are not readily accessible or available in nonstandard formats. One major challenge is to unify and integrate these widely scattered data sources. We tested the hypothesis that active community participation could be a viable option to address this challenge. We present here our approach to create standards for assimilation and sharing of information and a system of open standards for database intercommunication. We have attempted to address this challenge by creating a community-centric solution for zebrafish gene annotation. The Zebrafish GenomeWiki is a 'wiki'-based resource, which aims to provide an altruistic shared environment for collective annotation of the zebrafish genes. The Zebrafish GenomeWiki has features that enable users to comment, annotate, edit and rate this gene-centric information. The credits for contributions can be tracked through a transparent microattribution system. In contrast to other wikis, the Zebrafish GenomeWiki is a 'structured wiki' or rather a 'semantic wiki'. The Zebrafish GenomeWiki implements a semantically linked data structure, which in the future would be amenable to semantic search.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberbau011
StatePublished - 2014

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