Yield of tissue sampling for submucosal lesions evaluated by EUS

Gordon C. Hunt, Pam P. Smith, Douglas O. Faigel

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Background: Evaluation of submucosal nodules or large gastric folds is a common indication for EUS. Establishing a tissue diagnosis is challenging because the yield of forceps biopsies is low. The aim of this study was to determine the diagnostic yield of EUS-guided endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection and forceps biopsy for submucosal nodules and large gastric folds. Methods: Patients who underwent EUS from March 1997 through January 2002 for evaluation of submucosal nodules or large gastric folds were identified, and the procedure and pathology reports reviewed. Patients were included who underwent endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection (n = 45) or large-capacity ("jumbo") biopsy (n = 36) of submucosal lesions (arising from third endosonographic layer) or large gastric folds. Endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection was performed with an electrosurgical snare or with a cap-fitted endoscopic mucosal resection device. Results: Sixty-six patients (62% men; mean age, 61 years; range 27-80 years) underwent 69 EUS procedures to obtain tissue samples of subepithelial lesions. Diagnostic yields were as follows. endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection 40/45 (89%; 95% Cl [80%, 98%]), jumbo biopsy 15/36 (42%; 95% Cl [26%, 58%]) (p < 0.001 by two-tailed Fisher exact test). There were 9 complications: 7 instances of bleeding (6 endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection, 1 jumbo biopsy), 3 requiring hospitalization (2 endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection, 1 jumbo biopsy) and 2 requiring transfusion; 1 chest pain and odynophagia (esophageal endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection); and 1 oversedation (requiring administration of reversal agents). Conclusions: For submucosal lesions and large gastric folds, endoscopic submucosal-mucosal resection has a better diagnostic yield than the jumbo biopsy, but may have a higher complication rate.

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JournalGastrointestinal endoscopy
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StatePublished - Jan 2003

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