Tobacco control education in pediatric anesthesiology fellowships

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Background Cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke exposure (SHS) increase the risk of perioperative complications. Traditionally, anesthesiologists have limited involvement in tobacco control. Objective To develop and disseminate an educational curriculum that educates pediatric anesthesia fellows in tobacco control. Methods After IRB approval, an online survey was disseminated to pediatric anesthesiology fellowship directors. Results Thirty-one surveys were completed. Most report that they ask pediatric patients about tobacco use. A majority advise their patients who smoke about the health effects of smoking, but only 40% advise children to quit, and the majority never provide educational materials to assist in smoking cessation. Half reported that they sometimes or always ask about SHS. Approximately one-third never advise about the ill effects of SHS, nearly half never advise parents to stop smoking, and the majority never provide educational material about quitting to parents. Two-thirds felt that it is their responsibility to advise pediatric patients not to smoke, but less than half felt the same sense of responsibility about advising parents not to smoke. Approximately two-thirds believe that fellowship programs should provide education about the effects of smoking in the perioperative period and the effects of SHS exposure, but few programs do. Almost all would implement a free teaching module about SHS exposure and tobacco control as part of fellowship education. Conclusions Many pediatric anesthesiology fellowship directors agree that exposure to cigarette smoke adversely impacts patients in the perioperative period, but few participate in tobacco control, and issues germane to tobacco control are not consistently addressed.

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