The relationship between smoking and replicated sequence variants on chromosomes 8 and 9 with familial intracranial aneurysm

Ranjan Deka, Daniel L. Koller, Dongbing Lai, Subba Rao Indugula, Guangyun Sun, Daniel Woo, Laura Sauerbeck, Charles J. Moomaw, Richard Hornung, E. Sander Connolly, Craig Anderson, Guy Rouleau, Irene Meissner, Joan E. Bailey-Wilson, John Huston, Robert D. Brown, Dawn O. Kleindorfer, Matthew L. Flaherty, Carl D. Langefeld, Tatiana ForoudJoseph P. Broderick

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Background and Purpose: The purpose of this study was to replicate the previous association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with risk of intracranial aneurysm (IA) and to examine the relationship of smoking with these variants and the risk of IA. Methods: White probands with an IA from families with multiple affected members were identified by 26 clinical centers located throughout North America, New Zealand, and Australia. White control subjects free of stroke and IA were selected by random digit dialing from the Greater Cincinnati population. SNPs previously associated with IA on chromosomes 2, 8, and 9 were genotyped using a TaqMan assay or were included in the Affymetrix 6.0 array that was part of a genomewide association study of 406 IA cases and 392 control subjects. Logistic regression modeling tested whether the association of replicated SNPs with IA was modulated by smoking. RESULTS: The strongest evidence of association with IA was found with the 8q SNP rs10958409 (genotypic P=9.2×10-5; allelic P=1.3×10-5; OR=1.86, 95% CI: 1.40 to 2.47). We also replicated the association with both SNPs on chromosome 9p, rs1333040 and rs10757278, but were not able to replicate the previously reported association of the 2 SNPs on chromosome 2q. Statistical testing showed a multiplicative relationship between the risk alleles and smoking with regard to the risk of IA. CONCLUSION: Our data provide complementary evidence that the variants on chromosomes 8q and 9p are associated with IA and that the risk of IA in patients with these variants is greatly increased with cigarette smoking.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1132-1137
Number of pages6
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 2010


  • Familial
  • Genomewide association studies
  • Intracranial aneurysm
  • Smoking

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