Texture analysis of MR images of minocycline treated MS patients

Yunyan Zhang, Hongmei Zhu, Ricardo Ferrari, Xingchang Wei, Michael Eliasziw, Luanne M. Metz, J. Ross Mitchell

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Texture analysis was applied to 3T brain MR images of 5 relapsing remitting MS patients before and after minocycline treatment. Texture features were used to quantify pathological changes that may be undetectable by conventional MR techniques. Active, inactive lesions and NAWM were chosen from MR images of MS patients one month before and six months after treatment. Texture features changed in all of the selected ROIs. Texture change in active lesions was greater than that in inactive lesions and NAWM. There was close relationship between texture changes in active lesions and NAWM. This preliminary work suggests that it may be possible to predict therapeutic response of MS patients using MRI texture analysis.

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