Temporal patterns of hospital readmissions according to disease category for patients after elective colorectal surgery

Fabian Grass, Martin Hübner, Jacopo Crippa, Jenna K. Lovely, Marianne Huebner, David W. Larson

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Rationale: The aim of this study was to identify temporal readmission patterns according to baseline disease categories to provide opportunities for targeted interventions. Methods: Retrospective analysis of consecutive adult (≥18 years) patients who underwent elective colorectal resections (2011-2017) at Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN. A prospective administrative database including patient demographics, procedure characteristics, discharge information and specifics on 30-day readmissions (to index facility) including timing and reasons was utilized. The ICD-9 codes were regrouped into the main pathologies Cancer, Crohn's disease (CD)/chronic ulcerative colitis (CUC), and diverticular disease. Results: In total, 521 (7.2%) out of 7245 patients undergoing inpatient colorectal surgery were readmitted. In all increments of time from discharge (0-2 days: 31.3% of all readmissions, 3-7 days: 32.4% of all readmissions, 8-14 days: 18% of all readmissions, and 15-30 days: 18.3% of all readmissions), reasons for readmission differed significantly (all P < 0.001). Across all disease categories, early readmissions (within 2 days of discharge) were most likely due to ileus/obstruction (53.4% of early readmissions), whereas with 42.5%, infection was the most common cause for late readmissions (>7 days). Patients with home discharge were more likely to be readmitted earlier within the 30-day observation period (P = 0.099), whereas patients with a longer length of index hospital stay (>7 days) were readmitted later (P = 0.080). Conclusions: Reasons for readmission appear to be universal across different disease categories. Targeted educational and collaborative measures may help to mitigate the burden of hospital readmissions to index facilities.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)218-222
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2021


  • colorectal
  • disease category
  • readmission

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