Single-use duodenoscope for ERCP performed by endoscopists with a range of experience in procedures of variable complexity

EXALT Single-use Duodenoscope Study Group

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Background and Aims: Expert endoscopists previously reported ERCP outcomes for the first commercialized single-use duodenoscope. We aimed to document usability of this device by endoscopists with different levels of ERCP experience. Methods: Fourteen “expert” (>2000 lifetime ERCPs) and 5 “less-expert” endoscopists performed consecutive ERCPs in patients without altered pancreaticobiliary anatomy. Outcomes included ERCP completion for the intended indication, rate of crossover to another endoscope, device performance ratings, and serious adverse events. Results: Two hundred ERCPs including 81 (40.5%) with high complexity (American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy grades 3-4) were performed. Crossover rate (11.3% vs 2.5%, P =.131), ERCP completion rate (regardless of crossovers) (96.3% vs 97.5%, P =.999), median ERCP completion time (25.0 vs 28.5 minutes, P =.130), mean cannulation attempts (2.8 vs 2.8, P =.954), and median overall satisfaction with the single-use duodenoscope (8.0 vs 8.0 [range, 1.0-10.0], P =.840) were similar for expert versus less-expert endoscopists, respectively. The same metrics were similar by procedural complexity except for shorter median completion time for grades 1 to 2 versus grades 3 to 4 (P <.001). Serious adverse events were reported in 13 patients (6.5%). Conclusions: In consecutive ERCPs including high complexity procedures, endoscopists with varying ERCP experience had good procedural success and reported high device performance ratings. (Clinical trial registration number: NCT04223830.)

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StatePublished - Dec 2021

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