Seizure and Epilepsy Syndromes Classification

Jerry J. Shih

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StatePublished - Mar 18 2011


  • Aura, simple partial sensory or psychic seizure - aura reflecting location of seizure onset zone
  • Classification of epileptic seizures - step towards correct diagnosis,treatment and prognostication of condition
  • Complex partial seizures - with impairment of consciousness
  • Epilepsia partialis continua (EPC) - continuous focal motor seizure, in aspecific body part
  • Epilepsy, diagnosed after patients - having two or more unprovoked seizures
  • ILAE's 1989 international classification of epilepsies and epileptic syndromes - worldwide standardized approach to diagnosing, treating and studying seizure disorders
  • Partial or focal seizures - two main classes of epileptic seizures
  • Seizure and epilepsy syndromes classification
  • Seizures and epilepsy - pathophysiology and epidemiology
  • Tonic seizures, involving tonic contractions - of face, neck, axial or appendicular musculature, 10seconds to 1 minute

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