Sciatic Nerve

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The sciatic nerve originates from the L4-S2 spinal segments and supplies motor and sensory functions below the knee and motor function to the hamstring muscles above the knee. Exceptions include sensation of the medial leg and foot supplied by the saphenous nerve. Sciatic nerve injuries may complicate hip disorders including fracture, dislocation, or surgery; traumatic injury or physical compression at any location along the nerve; medical disorders such as diabetes, vasculitis, or endometriosis; and intrinsic nerve tumors. Electromyography helps differentiate sciatic neuropathy from other conditions affecting the leg such as plexopathy, radiculopathy, or disorders of the peroneal (fibular) or tibial nerves.

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  • EMG
  • Foot drop
  • Leg pain
  • Lumbosacral
  • Peroneal (fibular) nerve
  • Plexopathy
  • Radiculopathy
  • Sciatic nerve
  • Sciatic neuropathy
  • Tibial nerve

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