Robotic right colectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis for malignancy

Scott R. Kelley, Emilie Duchalais, David W. Larson

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Techniques for robotic resection of the right colon have not been extensively published or adopted. We report our initial experience of robotic right colectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis and specimen extraction through a Pfannenstiel incision retrospectively. Twenty-one consecutive patients with a right colon cancer (n = 18) or polyp too large to remove endoscopically (n = 3) were treated at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota. Main outcomes measured were estimated blood loss, operative time, conversion rate, return of gastrointestinal function, length of stay, overall and severe complications, discharge status, and pathology. All 21 procedures were technically successful without the need for conversion. The mean total operative time was 250 ± 56 min, estimated blood loss was less than 100 mL in 19 (90%), only 1 (5%) ileus occurred, mean length of stay and return of gastrointestinal function was 4 ± 1.3 and 1 ± 0.6 days, respectively, only 1 (5%) patient experienced a Dindo grade ≥ 3 complication, and 20 (95%) were discharged to home. Mean number of nodes resected was 26 ± 12. Tumors were diagnosed as stage 0 in 3 (14%), stage I in 7 (33%), stage II in 4 (19%), stage III in 6 (28%), and stage IV in 1 (5%). Main limitations were nonrandomized nature, single institution experience, small patient sample size, and procedures only being performed by two surgeons. Finally, we conclude that robotic right colectomy with central mesocolic excision, intracorporeal anastomosis, and extraction through a Pfannenstiel incision is technically feasible, efficacious, oncologically acceptable, and safe to perform.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)461-466
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Robotic Surgery
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1 2018


  • Central mesocolic excision
  • Intracorporeal anastomosis
  • Robotic right colectomy

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