Raman microscopic analysis of internal stress in boron-doped diamond

Kevin E. Bennet, Kendall H. Lee, Jonathan R. Tomshine, Emma M. Sundin, James N. Kruchowski, William G. Durrer, Bianca M. Manciu, Abbas Kouzani, Felicia S. Manciu

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Analysis of the induced stress on undoped and boron-doped diamond (BDD) thin films by confocal Raman microscopy is performed in this study to investigate its correlation with sample chemical composition and the substrate used during fabrication. Knowledge of this nature is very important to the issue of long-term stability of BDD coated neurosurgical electrodes that will be used in fast-scan cyclic voltammetry, as potential occurrence of film delaminations and dislocations during their surgical implantation can have unwanted consequences for the reliability of BDD-based biosensing electrodes. To achieve a more uniform deposition of the films on cylindrically-shaped tungsten rods, substrate rotation was employed in a custom-built chemical vapor deposition reactor. In addition to visibly preferential boron incorporation into the diamond lattice and columnar growth, the results also reveal a direct correlation between regions of pure diamond and enhanced stress. Definite stress release throughout entire film thicknesses was found in the OPEN ACCESS current Raman mapping images for higher amounts of boron addition. There is also a possible contribution to the high values of compressive stress from sp2 type carbon impurities, besides that of the expected lattice mismatch between film and substrate.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2782-2793
Number of pages12
Issue number5
StatePublished - 2015


  • Boron-doped diamond
  • Confocal raman mapping
  • Induced stress

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