Quantitative determination of regional left ventricular wall dynamics by roentgen videometry

J. G. Dumesnil, E. L. Ritman, R. L. Frye, G. T. Gau, B. D. Rutherford, G. D. Davis

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The use of roentgen videometry as a means of studying regional left ventricular wall dynamics and performance was evaluated in 32 patients undergoing coronary arteriography. Nine patients had normal coronary arteriograms and hemodynamic findings (group 1), 8 patients had generalized decrease in left ventricular contraction and abnormal hemodynamic findings (group 2), and 15 patients with coronary artery disease had regional wall dynamics abnormalities (group 3). Sixty per sec determinations of wall thickness were performed in selected sites of the left ventricle. Measurements performed included end diastolic wall thickness (EDTw), mean and peak rates of systolic wall thickening (m and p dTw/dt), and fractional systolic increase in wall thickness (ΔTw/EDTw). In patients with uniformly performing ventricles (groups 1 and 2), these parameters correlated well with other parameters of ventricular function. Best distinction between the 'normal' group (group 1) and the 'abnormal' group (group 2) was achieved when the rates of thickening (m and p dTw/dt) were utilized (P<0.001). In patients of group 3, 3 types of abnormal regional wall dynamics could be determined and quantified objectively: hypokinesia (decreased p dTw/dt), akinesia (p dTw/dt = 0), and dyskinesia (p dTw/dt <0). The severity of the abnormality of the wall dynamics correlated well with the presence or absence of a previous infarction on the electrocardiogram, and the anatomic location was strongly correlated with the distribution and severity of coronary artery lesions within a given ventricle.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)700-708
Number of pages9
JournalUnknown Journal
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1974

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