Prospective Analysis of Metabolic Parameters in the Detection of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome in Liver Transplant Recipients

Allon Kahn, Justin A. Reynolds, Harini A. Chakkera, Bashar A. Aqel, Thomas J. Byrne, David D. Douglas, Adyr A. Moss, Hugo E. Vargas, Elizabeth J. Carey

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Background: Liver transplant recipients are at increased risk of metabolic complications, including new-onset diabetes mellitus after transplantation (NODAT) and post-transplant metabolic syndrome (PTMS), both of which are associated with decreased patient survival. We prospectively monitored traditional and novel metabolic parameters in nondiabetic liver transplantation (LT) candidates to determine their role in detecting these conditions. Methods: Nondiabetic adults undergoing initial LT were prospectively identified. NODAT and PTMS were defined according to WHO and ATP III criteria. Metabolic measures were collected at pre-LT, 4, and 12 months post-LT. Results: Of 49 subjects enrolled, 24.5% were found to be diabetic pre-LT by 2-hr oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) despite fasting glucose below the diabetic range. Two patients developed NODAT post-LT. A single patient was found to have MS at baseline, while PTMS developed in 26% and 31.3% of patients at 4 and 12 months. Novel metabolic markers did not detect these conditions. Conclusions: Screening OGTT detected pre-LT diabetes in patients with normal fasting glucose. Serial measurement of metabolic parameters allowed earlier detection of PTMS. Novel metabolic parameters did not correspond to post-LT outcomes, but provided a baseline for future study. More frequent and intensive metabolic monitoring appears reasonable, but larger studies are needed to clarify its efficacy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)305-310
Number of pages6
JournalMetabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders
Issue number6
StatePublished - Aug 2016

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