Predictors of left ventricular reverse remodelling after coarctation of aorta intervention

Alexander C. Egbe, William R. Miranda, Heidi M. Connolly

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Aims: Several coarctation of aorta (COA) severity indices are used for timing of COA intervention, and to define severity of residual coarctation post-intervention. However, it is unclear how many of these COA indices are required in order to recommend intervention, and what degree of residual coarctation results in suboptimal recovery of the left ventricle (LV). Our aim was to assess the correlation between different COA indices and effects of chronic LV pressure overload (LV hypertrophy, diastolic, and systolic dysfunction), and to determine the effect of residual coarctation on LV reverse remodelling after COA intervention. Methods and Results: COA severity indices were defined as Doppler COA gradient, systolic blood pressure (SBP, upper-to-lowerextremity SBP gradient, aortic isthmus ratio. LV remodelling indices were defined as LV mass index (LVMI), LV global longitudinal strain (LVGLS), e' and E/e'. LV reverse remodelling was defined as the difference between indices obtained pre-intervention and 5-year post-intervention (delta LVMI, e', E/e', LVGLS). Of the COA indices analysed in 546 adult COA patients, aortic isthmus ratio had the strongest correlation with LVMI (β ± standard error -28.3 ± 14.1, P < 0.001), LVGLS (1.51 ± 0.42, P = 0.005), e' (3.11 ± 1.10, P = 0.014), and E/e' (-13.4± 6.67, P= 0.008). Residual aortic isthmus ratio also had the strongest correlation with LV reverse remodelling, and residual aortic isthmus ratio <0.7 was predictive of suboptimal LV reverse remodelling post-intervention. Conclusion: Considering the known prognostic implications of LV remodelling and reverse remodelling in response to pressure overload, these results support the use of aortic isthmus ratio for timing of COA intervention, and for prognostication post-intervention.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1168-1173
Number of pages6
JournalEuropean heart journal cardiovascular Imaging
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 1 2021


  • coarctation of aorta
  • left ventricular mass index
  • left ventricular pressure overload
  • systolic blood pressure

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