Positive bowel contrast agent for MR imaging of the abdomen: Phase II and III clinical trials

Randall M. Patten, Simon K. Lo, Jeffrey J. Phillips, Steven C. Bowman, Gary M. Glazer, Susan D. Wall, James G. Bova, Robert D. Harris, Richard L. Wheat, C. Daniel Johnson, Herbert Y. Kressel, Arthur E. Stillman, Robert A. Halvorsen, Albert A. Moss

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PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of two dose levels of an orally administered ferric ammonium citrate-based contrast agent for bowel enhancement on T1-weighted spin-echo magnetic resonance (MR) images in 222 patients with known or suspected abnormality of the upper abdomen. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Adverse reactions were graded for intensity, frequency, duration, and relationship to the contrast agent. Twelve unblinded readers compared enhanced with unenhanced images; all MR images were evaluated by two independent offsite radiologists in a blinded review. RESULTS: No statistically significant changes in mean vital signs or laboratory values were seen. Forty-eight of 220 patients (22%) reported minor side effects. The readers found increased intraluminal signal intensity and improved contrast enhancement of the gastrointestinal tract and distention and improved signal homogeneity in 101-107 cases (89%-98%) after ingestion; the blinded reviewers' findings were similar. CONCLUSION: The contrast agent provided new or additional radiologic information in 142 patients (64%), specific additional information in a detected abnormality in 46 of 142 patients (32%), and information that changed diagnosis, management, or surgical approach in 22 of 142 patients (15%).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)277-283
Number of pages7
Issue number1
StatePublished - Oct 1993


  • Contrast media
  • Contrast media, complications, 761.12143, 770.12143, 81.12143
  • Kidney neoplasms, 81.12143, 81.324
  • Liver neoplasms, 761.12143, 761.32, 761.33
  • Pancreas, neoplasms, 770.12143, 770.32, 770.33

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