Oncolytic measles virus as a novel therapy for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors

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Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNSTs) are devastating soft tissue sarcomas that can arise sporadically or in association with neurofibromatosis type I, have a poor prognosis, and have limited treatment options. Oncolytic measles virus therapy has been demonstrated to have significant antitumor properties in a number of different cancers, but the oncolytic potential of a MV Edmonston (MVEdm) vaccine strain engineered to express the human sodium iodide symporter (MV-NIS) on MPNST has not previously been evaluated. MPNST cell lines were found to highly express CD46, a cellular receptor required for measles viral entry, on their cell surface. After in vitro MV-NIS infection, MPNST cell lines showed significant cytopathic effect (CPE), while normal Schwann cells were less susceptible to CPE. Virus localization and distribution could be monitored by imaging of I-125 uptake. Local administration of MV-NIS into MPNST-derived tumors resulted in significant regression of tumor and improved survival. These results demonstrate feasibility of oncolytic measles virus therapy for MPNST patients and the possibility of a novel treatment for patients with NF1 tumors.

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  • Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor
  • Measles virus
  • Oncolytic therapy

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