Metastatic Tumors of the Foot and Ankle

Steven J. Hattrup, Steven J. Hattrup, Peter C. Amadio, Peter C. Amadio, Franklin H. Sim, Robert M. Lombardi

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In a review of the Mayo Clinic files, 17 biopsy-proven cases of metastatic tumors of the foot and ankle were found; 4 additional cases were considered to have metastatic disease on the basis of clinical and radiographic evidence but no histological confirmation was available. Lung, kidney, and colon were the most common sites of the primary tumors. The patients survived as long as 28 months after discovery of the metastasis. Treatment consisted of individualized combinations of orthotics, surgery, and radiotherapy to maintain mobility. In 9 of these 17 cases, no primary lesion was identified at the time the metastasis was diagnosed. Metastatic tumors of the foot present special problems in diagnosis and management.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)243-247
Number of pages5
JournalFoot & Ankle International
Issue number5
StatePublished - Apr 1988

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