Medial temporal encephalocele and medically intractable epilepsy: A tailored inferior temporal lobectomy and case report

Anthony L. Mikula, Karim ReFaey, Sanjeet S. Grewal, Jeffrey W. Britton, Jamie J. van Gompel

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BACKGROUND AND IMPORTANCE: Temporal lobe encephaloceles are increasingly recognized as a potential cause of medically refractory epilepsy and surgical treatment has proven effective. Resection of the encephalocele and associated cortex is often sufficient to provide seizure control. However, it is difficult to determine the extent of adjacent temporal lobe that should be resected. We present a case report and our technique of a tailored inferior temporal pole resection. CLINICAL PRESENTATION: A 32-yr-old man with an 11-yr history of medically refractory epilepsy. Prolonged electroencephalography (EEG) revealed frequent left and rare right frontotemporal sharp waves. Numerous seizures were captured with EEG, all of which originated from the left temporal region. Statistical parametric mapping (SPM) subtraction ictal–interictal SPECT coregistered with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (SISCOM) demonstrated ictal hyperperfusion in the anterior left temporal lobe. MRI showed 2 encephaloceles in the left anterior temporal lobe with the accompanying bony defects in the floor of the middle cranial fossa apparent on the computed tomography scan. The patient underwent left temporal craniotomy with intraoperative electrocorticography, resection of the encephaloceles, and a tailored inferior temporal lobectomy (IFTL) and repair of the middle fossa defects. At 7 mo follow up he reported seizure-freedom since surgery. CONCLUSION: Resection of temporal encephalocele and adjacent cortex is safe and effective procedure for select patients with medically refractory epilepsy. This video demonstrates our technique which provides a more standardized approach to the resection.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)E19-E22
JournalOperative Neurosurgery
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2020


  • Encephalocele
  • Epilepsy
  • Middle cranial fossa
  • Operative video
  • Temporal lobe

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