Management of breast pain

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Breast pain, or mastalgia, is one of the most common breast disorders in women. Initial concerns related to the association of breast pain and the risk of breast cancer often prompt patients to seek medical evaluation for breast pain. Mastalgia is further classified as cyclic (associated with the menstrual cycle) and noncyclic. Extramammary pain can often be perceived as mastalgia and awareness of extramammary causes is important in the evaluation of patients presenting with breast pain. The clinical evaluation of mastalgia entails a careful history and physical examination, often with the addition of appropriate imaging studies based upon the type and location of the pain, clinical findings, and age of the patient. A number of non-pharmacologic therapies can be recommended as first-line therapies while reserving pharmacologic treatments for more severe symptoms and complaints. Reassurance can also be an important component in the management of mastalgia, while surgical interventions have a much more limited role.

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  • Breast pain
  • Cyclic pain
  • Extramammary pain
  • Mastalgia
  • Noncyclic pain

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