Influence of deletion of t cell receptor vβ genes on the theiler's virus model of multiple sclerosis

Moses Rodriguez, Gerald H. Nabozny, Roger L. Thiemann, Chella S. David

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To determine the role of TCR Vβ genes in a model of multiple sclerosis (MS), we studied Theiler's virus infection in congenic mice with deletion of TCR Vβ chromosome. Congenic mice expressing the Vaβ [50% deletion of TCR Vβ] or Vcβ 70% deletion of TCR Vβ] haplotype were generated in mice resistant [B10 (H-2b)], intermediate [B10.K (H-2k), B10.RIII (H-2r)] or susceptible [B10.S (H-2s), and B10.Q (H-2q)] to Theiler's virus induced demyelination. Deletion of TCR Vβ genes (Vaβ or Vcβ) did not convert B10 or B10.K congenic mice to susceptibility. In contrast, congenic B10.RIII-Vcβ developed prominent demyelination and 10-to 100-fold increase in virus-antigen expression in spinal cord compared to B10.RIII mice. No effect on the extent of demyelination was observed in B10.S-Vaβ, B10.S-Vcβ or B10.Q-Vcβ mice. These experiments illustrate the critical interactions between MHC, TCR, and background genes in susceptibility to immune-mediated disease.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)221-230
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Issue number4
StatePublished - 1994


  • Demyelination
  • Immunopathology
  • Major Histocompatibility Complex
  • Myelin
  • Oligodendrocyte
  • Picornavirus

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