Incidence and clinical features of glossopharyngeal neuralgia, rochester, minnesota, 1945-1984

Slavica Katusic, David B. Williams, C. Mary Beard, Erik Bergstralh, Leonard T. Kitrland

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The annual crude incidence rate of glossopharyngeal neuralgia per 100,000 population in Rochester, Minn., for 1945 through 1984, was 0.7 for both sexes combined, suggesting that glossopharyngeal neuralgia is a rare disease. There were no significant differences between the sexes (p > 0.10) in the overall age-adjusted (to the total 1980 US population) rates: 1.1 for men and 0.5 for women. Overall age-specific crude rates increased slightly with age. Our results and conclusions, achieved by comparing our data with a large referral study at Mayo Clinic, suggest that glossopharyngeal neuralgia is generally a mild disease, since mild attacks are not uncommon, the average annual recurrence rate for a second episode is low (3.6%), and only one fourth of the cases had to have surgery for relief of symptoms. Bilaterality is not uncommon; it was observed in one fourth of the patients, all of whom had mild disease.

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Issue number5-6
StatePublished - 1991


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