Impact of left ventricular remodeling and renal function on 24 h-ECG recordings and cardiovascular outcome in elderly hypertensive patients

Agata Buonacera, Marouane Boukhris, Salvatore D. Tomasello, Andrea Campagna, Chiara Cilia, Giovanni Tripepi, Salvatore Di Marca, Valentina Terranova, Marcella Pisano, Gianluca Mastrosimone, Alfredo R. Galassi, Benedetta Stancanelli, Alessandro Cataliotti, Lorenzo Malatino

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Background The prognostic role of left ventricular remodeling and renal function in elderly hypertensive patients has been so far scarcely investigated. Aims We assessed the impact of left ventricular geometry and renal function on 24 h-Holter electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings and outcome in elderly hypertensive patients. Methods We enrolled 251 asymptomatic hypertensive elderly patients (> 65 year-old). Left ventricular remodeling was evaluated by 2-D echocardiogram. Lown's class, mean QTc and standard deviation of all normal R-R intervals (SDNN) were assessed by 24-h Holter-ECG recordings. Data on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality were collected for 2 years. Results Mean age was 76.2 ± 11.4 years. High Lown's classes were more frequently observed in the presence of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) (57.3% vs. 23.7%; p < 0.001). Mean QTc was 444.8 ± 34.8 ms and resulted directly correlated with indexed left ventricular mass (r = 0.228; p = 0.001). Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) showed lower SDNN as compared with those with preserved renal function (92.02 ± 36.11 ms vs. 103.84 ± 33.96 ms, respectively; p = 0.017). At 2 years, all-cause and cardiovascular mortality rates were 38.0% and 21.1%, respectively. Diabetes mellitus (HR: 2.40; 95% C.I.1.16 to 4.99; p = 0.019), CKD (HR: 2.22; 95% C.I.1.10 to 4.52; p = 0.028), prolonged QTc (HR: 2.18; 95% C.I.1.07 to 4.41; p = 0.030) and SDNN < 96 ms (HR: 1.98; 95% C.I.1.03 to 4.13; p = 0.048) were independent predictors of cardiovascular death at 2 year follow-up. Conclusions CKD and left ventricular remodeling predicted altered ventricular batmotropism. Diabetes, CKD, heart rate variability and QTc are important predictors of cardiovascular death in elderly hypertensive patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)71-77
Number of pages7
JournalEuropean Journal of Internal Medicine
StatePublished - Apr 1 2016


  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Heart rate variability
  • Left ventricular hypertrophy
  • QTc interval
  • Ventricular arrhythmias

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