Ana E. Espinosa De Ycaza, Tasha L. Welch, Naykky Singh Ospina, Rene Rodriguez-Gutierrez, Thomas D. Atwell, Dana Erickson, Irina Bancos

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OBJECTIVE: Image-guided thermal ablation of adrenal metastases has been increasingly used for local tumor control. This procedure has been associated with hypertensive urgency; however, endocrine complications have not been clearly described. Our objective was to assess the hemodynamic behavior and risk for adrenal insufficiency related to adrenal ablation. Additionally, we sought to understand the utility of preprocedural α-blockade to prevent periprocedural hemodynamic complications.

METHODS: This was a retrospective study of patients undergoing image-guided ablation of adrenal metastases between 2003 and 2015 at our institution. We reviewed electronic medical records to obtain clinical information, including α-blockade preparation, periprocedural hemodynamic parameters, interventions, and postablation adrenal function.

RESULTS: Thermal ablation was performed in 58 patients (46 men [79%]; median age, 66 years) with 60 adrenal metastases ablated in 62 sessions. Alpha-blockade was used pre-ablation in 49 (79%) sessions; it was associated with less hypertensive urgency (23 [47%] for α-blockade vs. 10 [77%] for no α-blockade; P = .048) but higher need for vasopressors (22 [45%] for α-blockade vs. 1 [8%] for no α-blockade; P = .02) during ablation. Adrenal insufficiency occurred in 13 (22%) patients, of whom 10 had history of contralateral adrenalectomy or metastases, and only 3 of 13 had a normal-appearing contralateral adrenal gland.

CONCLUSION: Hemodynamic changes during ablation of adrenal metastases are common. Pre-ablation α-blockade decreases the severity of the hypertensive episode, at the expense of higher need for vasopressors periprocedurally. Adrenal function should be assessed after adrenal metastasis ablation, as adrenal insufficiency may occur after such treatment.

ABBREVIATIONS: ACTH = adrenocorticotropic hormone BP = blood pressure CT = computed tomography DBP = diastolic blood pressure HR = heart rate IQR = interquartile range IV = intravenous MAP = mean arterial pressure MWA = microwave ablation RFA = radiofrequency ablation SBP = systolic blood pressure.

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JournalEndocrine practice : official journal of the American College of Endocrinology and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 1 2017

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