High Prediagnosis Inflammation-Related Risk Score Associated with Decreased Ovarian Cancer Survival

for the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium

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Background: There is suggestive evidence that inflammation is (IRRS) was developed, and its association with survival was related to ovarian cancer survival. However, more research is assessed using Cox proportional hazards models in the remaining needed to identify inflammation-related factors that are associated 50% of the data. with ovarian cancer survival and to determine their combined Results: There was a statistically significant trend of increasing effects. risk of death per quartile of the IRRS [HR ¼ 1.09; 95% confidence Methods: This analysis used pooled data on 8,147 women with interval (CI), 1.03–1.14]. Women in the upper quartile of the IRRS invasive epithelial ovarian cancer from the Ovarian Cancer had a 31% higher death rate compared with the lowest quartile (95% Association Consortium. The prediagnosis inflammation-related CI, 1.11–1.54). exposures of interest included alcohol use; aspirin use; other Conclusions: A higher prediagnosis IRRS was associated with an nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use; body mass index; increased mortality risk after an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Further environmental tobacco smoke exposure; history of pelvic inflaminvestigation is warranted to evaluate whether postdiagnosis expomatory disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and endometriosis; sures are also associated with survival. menopausal hormone therapy use; physical inactivity; smoking Impact: Given that pre- and postdiagnosis exposures are often status; and talc use. Using Cox proportional hazards models, the correlated and many are modifiable, our study results can ultimately relationship between each exposure and survival was assessed in motivate the development of behavioral recommendations to 50% of the data. A weighted inflammation-related risk score enhance survival among patients with ovarian cancer.

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JournalCancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention
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StatePublished - Feb 2022

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