Extracorporeal photopheresis for chronic graft-versus-host disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Mohsin Ilyas Malik, Mark Litzow, William Hogan, Mrinal Patnaik, Mohammad Hassan Murad, Larry J. Prokop, Jeffrey L. Winters, Shahrukh Hashmi

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Background: The safety of extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) in steroid-refractory chronic graft-versus-host disease (SR-cGVHD) has been explored in multiple studies but reported response rates (RR) vary significantly across studies. Methods: We conducted a meta-analysis to assess the efficacy of ECP for SR-cGVHD. A search of electronic databases for studies published between 1984 and 2012 was conducted. End points included RR: complete response (CR), overall response rates (ORR), and organ-specific RR. The initial search generated 312 studies, of which 18 met the selection criteria (N=595). A random effects model was used for pooled rates. Results: Pooled CR rates and ORR were 29% (confidence interval [CI], 19-42%) and 64% (CI, 65-82%), respectively. One-year overall survival was available for 4 studies only and was 49% (CI, 29-70%). The pooled RR for skin, liver, ocular, oral, lung, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal SR-cGVHD was 74%, 68%, 60%, 72%, 48%, 53%, and 64%, respectively. There was a significant heterogeneity among studies due to differences in ECP schedules and duration. No significant differences in responses to ECP for pediatric and adult populations were found. Sensitivity analysis could not be undertaken due to a limited number of prospective studies. Conclusion: ECP is an effective therapy for oral, skin, and liver SR-cGVHD, with modest activity in lung and gastrointestinal SR-cGVHD.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)100-106
Number of pages7
JournalBlood Research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 2014


  • Extracorporeal photopheresis
  • Graft-versus-host disease
  • Meta-analysis

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