Emerging workforce readiness in regenerative healthcare

Saranya P. Wyles, Dileep D. Monie, Christopher R. Paradise, Fredric B. Meyer, Richard E. Hayden, Andre Terzic

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The biology of regenerative medicine has steadily matured, providing the foundation for randomized clinical trials and translation into validated applications. Today, the growing regenerative armamentarium is poised to impact disease management, yet a gap in training next-generation healthcare providers, equipped to adopt and deliver regenerative options, has been exposed. This special report highlights a multiyear experience in developing and deploying a comprehensive regenerative curriculum for medical trainees. For academicians and institutions invested in establishing a formalized regenerative medicine syllabus, the Regenerative Medicine and Surgery course provides a patient-focused prototype for next-generation learners, offering a dedicated educational experience that encompasses discovery, development and delivery of regenerative solutions. Built with the vision of an evolving regenerative care model, this transdisciplinary endeavor could serve as an adoptable education portal to advance the readiness of the emergent regenerative healthcare workforce globally.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)197-206
Number of pages10
JournalRegenerative Medicine
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2021


  • clinical course development
  • education
  • medical curriculum
  • next generation
  • proficiency
  • readiness
  • regenerative medicine

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