Hitna stanja u psihijatriji promatrana kroz analizu hitnih prijama u Psihijatrijskoj bolnici Vrapče - Zagreb tijekom 1998. Godine

Translated title of the contribution: Emergency admission in the Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital during one-year period (1998)

M. Herceg, M. Veldić, V. Jukić, Ž Skočilić

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The strucutre of emergency admission in the Vrapče Psychiatry Hospital was analyzed during one-year period (1998). The aim was to show diagnostic and nosologic structure of some diagnostic categories according to sex and to find out an optimal hospital care organization. The analysis of emergency admissions revealed some changes had occurred over the last few decades in the psychiatric population morbidity and sociodynamics of classic psychiatric hospital. In a total of 6586 hospitalized patients, 4490 (68%) were characterized as emergency psychiatric cases. The prevalence of male patients was evident (2961 or 66%) vs. 1529 or 34% female patients. The analysis of nosologic frequency in the male population showed various dependencies to the most frequent emergencies followed by psychotic disorders of schizophrenic type and including patients with dementia or psychoorganic syndrome. Female population had a different nosologic structure. Psychotic disorders of schizophrenic type were most common, followed by dementia, psychoorganic syndrome and dependencies. In conclusion, there were no differences in the epidemiology and nosology of our psychiatric emergencies in comparison with the recent psychiatric structure in general.

Translated title of the contributionEmergency admission in the Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital during one-year period (1998)
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)101-103
Number of pages3
JournalSocijalna Psihijatrija
Issue number2-3
StatePublished - 2000


  • Analysis of emergency admissions
  • Diagnostic categories
  • Emergency admission in psychiatry

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