Echocardiography in the Emergency Room: Is it Feasible, Beneficial, and Cost‐Effective?


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Echocardiography in the emergency room presents exciting practice possibilities that can facilitate prompt and reliable diagnostic evaluations in patients with suspected cardiovascular emergencies. Echocardiography has the diagnostic potentials to evaluate the entire spectrum of cardiovascular abnormalities short of delineating coronary anatomy and evaluation of the conduction system. By reliably assessing the global and regional function, visualizing the cardiovascular structures from multiple tomographic planes, and quantitating hemodynamic abnormalities, echocardiography should be able to assist emergency room physician's evaluation and triage of the patients with chest pain syndrome, unexplained dyspnea, hypotension, shock, chest trauma, and cardiac arrest, whereby hopefully minimizing the unnecessary admission to the hospital and facilitating inhospital evaluation of the admitted patients with echocardiographic information. However, the optimal echocardiography practice in the emergency room requires well trained sonongraphers and echocardiographers who can respond to the clinical needs at anytime. Whether an emergency room physician can perform and interpret echocardiographic examinations satisfactorily will depend on his/her level of training and continuing education in this area. Currently, there is no established guideline for performing echocardiography in the emergency room. Further clinical investigations are necessary to define the most optimal and economical utilization of this versatile imaging and hemodynamic diagnostic modality in the emergency room.

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  • chest pain syndrome
  • emergency room echocardiography
  • guidelines for emergency room echocardiography
  • reduction in hospital admission
  • triage

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