Dynamic acoustic radiation force acting on cylindrical shells: Theory and simulations

F. G. Mitri, M. Fatemi

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An object placed in an acoustic field is known to experience a force due to the transfer of momentum from the wave to the object itself. This force is known to be steady when the incident field is considered to be continuous with constant amplitude. One may define the dynamic (oscillatory) radiation force for a continuous wave-field whose intensity varies slowly with time. This paper extends the theory of the dynamic acoustic radiation force resulting from an amplitude-modulated progressive plane wave-field incident on solid cylinders to the case of solid cylindrical shells with particular emphasis on their thickness and contents of their hollow regions. A new factor corresponding to the dynamic radiation force is defined as Yd and stands for the dynamic radiation force per unit energy density and unit cross sectional surface. The results of numerical calculations are presented, indicating the ways in which the form of the dynamic radiation force function curves are affected by variations in the material mechanical parameters and by changes in the interior fluid inside the shell's hollow region. It was shown that the dynamic radiation force function Yd deviates from the static radiation force function for progressive waves Yp when the modulation frequency increases. These results indicate that the theory presented here is broader than the existing theory on cylinders.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - May 2005

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