Detection of preinvasive cancer cells

V. Backman, M. B. Wallace, L. T. Perelman, J. T. Arendt, R. Gurjar, M. G. Müller, Q. Zhang, G. Zonios, E. Kline, T. McGillican, S. Shapshay, T. Valdez, K. Badizadegan, J. M. Crawford, M. Fitzmaurice, S. Kabani, H. S. Levin, M. Seiler, R. R. Dasari, I. ItzkanJ. Van Dam, M. S. Feld

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Early-warning changes in precancerous epithelial cells can now be spotted in situ.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)35-36
Number of pages2
Issue number6791
StatePublished - Jul 6 2000

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