Daclatasvir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection

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Daclatasvir is a nonstructural protein 5A (NS5A) replication complex inhibitor that has shown potent in vitro activity against multiple hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes (GT). It is currently in advanced clinical development as a component of combination treatment regimens in a variety of HCV-infected patient populations. In studies conducted thus far, it has been generally well tolerated. It has been approved for the treatment of HCV GTs 1-4 in the European Union. The combination of daclatasvir and asunaprevir (an HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitor) has been approved in Japan for the treatment of patients with GT1 HCV infection. Here we review the available literature on daclatasvir, including its information on its discovery, mechanism of action, pharmacology, preclinical and clinical activity, resistance and safety.

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  • BMS-790052
  • Daclatasvir
  • HCV NS5A inhibitors
  • Hepatitis C

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