CT colonography: Single-versus multi-detector row imaging

A. K. Hara, C. D. Johnson, R. L. MacCarty, T. J. Welch, C. H. McCollough, W. S. Harmsen

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PURPOSE: To compare respirator artifacts, colonic distention, and polyp detection at computed tomographic (CT) colonography by using single- and multi-detector row helical CT systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 237 consecutive patients received subcutaneously administered glucagon and underwent prone and supine CT colonography with single-detector row CT (n = 77) and multi-detector row CT (n = 160), followed by colonoscopy. Examination results were graded for colonic distention; respiratory artifacts, and polyp depiction by two radiologists working independently. RESULTS: Suboptimal colonic distention was Significantly more common with single-detector row CT and was present in at least one segment in 52% (40 of 77 patients) of examinations versus only 19% (30 of 160 patients) with multi-detector row CT (P < .001). Mild respiratory artifacts were present in 61% (47 of 77 patients) of single-detector row CT examinations Versus only 16% (26 of 160 patients) of multi-detector row CT examinations (P < .001). Depiction of polyps larger than 10 mm was 89% (eight of nine polyps) for single-detector row CT and 80% (eight of 10 polyps) for multi-detector row CT (P > .05). CONCLUSION: CT colonography performed With multi-detector row CT significantly improved the demonstration of colonic distention and depicted fewer respiratory artifacts compared with single-detector row CT. No significant differences in the depiction of polyps larger than 10 mm were demonstrated between single- and multi-detector row CT for a small number of polyps. Studies with a larger prevalence of clinically important polyps are needed for further evaluation of differences in polyp detection.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2001


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