Characterization of a human regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 3 gene (PPP3RL) expressed specifically in testis

Lingling Liu, Jianxuan Zhang, Jian Yuan, Yongjun Dang, Chenyi Yang, Xiujuan Chen, Jianing Xu, Long Yu

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Protein phosphatase 3 (PPP3, formerly PP2B, Calcineurin), a serine/ threonine protein phosphatase, is a heterodimer composed of one catalytic subunit (PPP3C, Calcineurin A) and one regulatory subunit (PPP3R, Calcineurin B). PPP3R, an EF-hand Ca2+ binding protein, contains four high-affinity EF-hand calcium-binding sites, indicating that PPP3 plays critical roles in many calcium-mediated signal transduction pathways. PPP3R has two isoforms, PPP3R1 (also known as PP2Bβ1) and PPP3R2 (also known as PP2Bβ2). While PPP3R1 is ubiquitously expressed in different tissues, PPP3R2 is exclusively expressed in testis. PPP3R2 has only been identified in rat and mouse. Here we report a human homologue of PPP3R2, which is designated PPP3RL (PPP3R like protein). PPP3RL gene was predicated to encode 171 amino acid residues with four EF-hand calcium-binding domains and this putative protein shares 82.9% and 80.5% identity with PPP3R2 of rat and mouse, respectively. Our results show that PPP3RL gene localizes to human chromosome 9q22 and transcripts of PPP3RL gene are specifically expressed in the testis, moreover, this tissue-specific expression is due to demethylation of its promoter region in testis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)41-45
Number of pages5
JournalMolecular Biology Reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 2005


  • 9q22
  • Expression pattern
  • Methylation
  • PPP3RL
  • Testis

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