Case Studies in Neuropalliative Care

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With the growth of neuropalliative care as a rapidly-emerging subspecialty in neurology, it is essential that clinicians develop core skills to offer high-quality, patient-centred care. This book captures the essence of palliative care in Neurology, highlighting abundant opportunities to incorporate key principles into patients’ management plans. Through a pragmatic, case-based format with suggested references for readers to expand their knowledge on a range of topics, this guide explores didactic opportunities. From patients facing challenging end-of-life decisions, families struggling to determine the treatment intensities, to clinicians leading difficult conversations, these cases are straightforward and relatable. Demonstrating the breadth of palliative care opportunities occurring on the spectrum of neurologic disease, this essential toolkit supports clinicians at all levels, providing assistance for patients who have chronic, progressive, or terminal neurologic diseases. Compelling and thought-provoking, this guide highlights the many opportunities to ease suffering and to improve quality of life.

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PublisherCambridge University Press
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ISBN (Electronic)9781108277365
ISBN (Print)9781108404914
StatePublished - Jan 1 2018

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