B. P. Cahill, L. J. Askew, K. N. An, E. Y. Chao

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Hand function testing includes the measurement of strength, motion, and dexterity of the digits. The motion measurements are for total range of active and passive motion, including flexion and extension, and radial and ulnar deviation where applicable. The strengths measured include pinch, grasp, and finger intrinsic strength (flexion/extension and radial/ulnar deviation). The motion measurements have traditionally been done using a manual gonimeter and the pinch and grasp measurements have been made using a mechanical pinch and grasp gauge. The recording of these results has previously been with paper and pencil. Currently, a computer based system has been developed which enables a more efficient evaluation in terms of time for data collection analysis, and report generation. Included in this system are conveniences for the evaluator to speed data acquisition and real-time graphics to assist in data verification.

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Title of host publicationBiomedical Sciences Instrumentation
EditorsJohn D. Enderle, Thomas Akers
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StatePublished - Dec 1 1987

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