ASGE principles of endoscopic training

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This White Paper shares guidance on the important principles of training endoscopy teachers, the focus of an American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE)/World Endoscopy Organization Program for Endoscopic Teachers and Leaders of Endoscopic Training held at the ASGE Institute for Training and Technology. Key topics included the need for institutional support and continuous skills development, the importance of consensus and consistency in content and approach to teaching, the role of conscious competence and content breakdown into discreet steps in effective teaching, defining roles of supervisors versus instructors to ensure teaching consistency across instructors, identification of learning environment factors and barriers impacting effective teaching, and individualized training that incorporates effective feedback and adapts with learner proficiency. Incorporating simulators into endoscopy teaching, applying good endoscopy teaching principles outside the endoscopy room, key principles of hands-on training, and effective use of simulators and models in achieving specific learning objectives were demonstrated with rotations through hands-on simulator stations as part of the program. A discussion of competency-based assessment was followed by live sessions in which attendees applied endoscopy teaching principles covered in the program. Conclusions highlighted the need for the following: formal training of endoscopy teachers to a level of conscious competence, incorporation of formal training structures into existing training curricula, intentional teaching preparation, feedback to trainees and instructors alike aimed at improving performance, and competency-based trainee assessment. The article is intended to help motivate individuals who play a role in training other endoscopists to develop their teaching abilities, promote discussions about endoscopy training, and engage both endoscopy trainers and trainees in a highly rewarding learning process that is in the best interest of patients.

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