Angiosarcoma: A study of 98 cases with immunohistochemical evaluation of TLE3, a recently described marker of potential taxane responsiveness

Wonwoo Shon, Sarah M. Jenkins, Douglas T. Ross, Robert S. Seitz, Rodney A. Beck, Brian Z. Ring, Scott H. Okuno, Lawrence E. Gibson, Andrew L. Folpe

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Angiosarcomas may be primary in the skin, primary in soft tissue or viscera, or secondary to irradiation. All angiosarcomas have a poor prognosis. Taxanes may have efficacy in the treatment of angiosarcoma. Expression of TLE3 has been associated with improved outcome in taxane-treated breast cancers. We studied a series of angiosarcoma with TLE3 immunohistochemistry. Cases of angiosarcoma (98 total cases; 37 cutaneous, 48 soft tissue/visceral and 13 post-irradiation) were retrieved and follow up was obtained. Tumors were classified as 'vasoformative', 'spindled', 'epithelioid' and 'mixed'. TLE3 immunohistochemistry was performed. Statistical analyses were performed. Patients (50 males and 48 females) had a median age of 60.2 years. Tumors had a median size 7.5 cm and were vasoformative (N = 43, 44%), spindled (N = 21, 21%), epithelioid (N = 16, 16%) and mixed (N = 18, 18%). Follow up was available for 89/98 patients (91%): 32 (36%) were dead due to disease, 36 (41%) were dead due to other causes and 21 (24%) remained alive. The median time to death was 2.1 years. TLE3 reactivity was observed in 0/37 (0%) cutaneous angiosarcomas, in 28/48 (58%) cases from soft tissue/viscera and in 4/13 (31%) post-irradiation angiosarcomas. (p = <0.0001). Improved 5-year survival was seen in vasoformative angiosarcomas (p = 0.03). TLE3 expression was not associated with taxane response. However, only a subset of patients was treated with taxane. Our study confirms the poor prognosis of angiosarcoma. Vasoformative angiosarcoma may have a more favorable prognosis. A lack of TLE3 expression in cutaneous angiosarcoma may reflect differing pathogenesis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)961-966
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Cutaneous Pathology
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 1 2011


  • TLE3
  • angiosarcoma
  • taxane

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