Advances in regenerative medicine for otolaryngology/head and neck surgery

Michael J. McPhail, Jeffrey R. Janus, David G. Lott

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Head and neck structures govern the vital functions of breathing and swallowing. Additionally, these structures facilitate our sense of self through vocal communication, hearing, facial animation, and physical appearance. Loss of these functions can lead to loss of life or greatly affect quality of life. Regenerative medicine is a rapidly developing field that aims to repair or replace damaged cells, tissues, and organs. Although the field is largely in its nascence, regenerative medicine holds promise for improving on conventional treatments for head and neck disorders or providing therapies where no current standard exists. This review presents milestones in the research of regenerative medicine in head and neck surgery.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberm718
JournalThe BMJ
StatePublished - Apr 29 2020

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