Abdominal applications of shear wave ultrasound vibrometry and supersonic shear imaging

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Abdominal applications have been one of the major research and clinical interests of shear wave elastography since the birth of the technology. This chapter provides brief technical and clinical reviews of the abdominal applications. Liver application is the most significant and well‐established field of ultrasound shear wave imaging research, owing to the longer period of time that shear wave elastography has been investigated in liver. Serum prostate‐specific antigen tests and ultrasound‐guided biopsy are clinical standards for diagnosing prostate cancer but suffer from poor diagnosis accuracy and are invasive. Kidney viscoelasticity is an important biomarker for renal dysfunction and renal fibrosis. Quantification of cervical stiffness using ultrasound shear wave elastography can be a promising tool for screening and treatment for preterm birth prevention. Spleen stiffness can be used to predict the presence of liver cirrhosis and the severity of esophageal varices.

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