A Role for Insulin-Like Growth Factor in the Regulation of IL-6-Responsive Human Myeloma Cell Line Growth

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Insulin-like growth factors (IGF-I, IGF-II) have long been recognized as important mitogens in many types of malignancies. Because the role of IGFs in growth control of myeloma cells has not been extensively examined, we have used a panel of IL-6-responsive myeloma cell lines to address this issue. Initial studies demonstrated that IGF-I and IGF-II significantly enhanced DNA synthesis by each of the four cell lines, even when assayed in the absence of IL-6. The specificity of the IGF response was confirmed using an IGF-I receptor Ab, and additional studies demonstrated that IGF responsiveness did not result from induction of autocrine IL-6 expression. When IL-6 responsiveness was assayed, three of four cell lines synthesized DNA in response to IL-6 alone; however, the magnitude of responsiveness was greatly enhanced by addition of IGFs. Similar results were obtained when proliferation and cell cycle progression were analyzed. By contrast, the KP-6 cell line was responsive to IL-6 only when IGF was present. Finally, we analyzed the effects of IGF-I on normal B lymphocytes. IGF, however, did not stimulate B cell DNA synthesis, suggesting that IGF responsiveness may represent a key difference between normal and malignant B cells. In summary, these studies suggest that IGFs may play an important role in multiple myeloma by virtue of their ability to directly stimulate tumor cell growth as well as modulate the magnitude of IL-6-driven growth.

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JournalJournal of Immunology
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StatePublished - 1997

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