Altruism, exploitation and consent: the construction of research donors in cloning and stem cell research.

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Aims (i) to provide empirical data and analytical reflection to inform policy discussions about human ooctye and embryo donation for cloning and stem cell research; (ii) to evaluate how the individual rights of egg donors for stem cell research may be balanced with the goals of social justice in the medical, social and legal spheres. Research questions ·What are the perspectives of key stakeholders on the ethics of donating eggs for stem cell research? ·In what way do the structures and processes of informed consent for research donors differ from those for research participants or patients? ·To what is extent is the concept of 'research donor' used to negotiate ethical issues between stakeholders? ·What can be learnt about the protection of research donors in these political and regulatory environments? Methodology Qualitative methods: Interviews: Semi-structured interviews (30-35) with past and present egg donors and staff from IVF clinics, women who have decided against donation; and policy makers. Observation: Observation within the environment of two fertility clinics, one in California and one in the UK. Relevance This research is intended to contribute to the work of regulatory and ethics bodies in the UK and the US.
Effective start/end date1/10/0612/31/09


  • Wellcome Trust: $135,950.00


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