Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Sleep Disturbances in Dementia

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Sleep disturbances in patients who have dementia are common and are a major cause of reduced patient, and particularly caregiver, quality of life, often leading to patient institutionalization. The literature has several excellent reviews on sleep disturbances in dementia. The principal goals of this article are to (1) review the most common and pertinent sleep disturbances in the home/ambulatory setting, (2) provide a simple diagnostic scheme for clinicians (and caregivers) to determine the likely cause or causes of the sleep disturbances, and (3) provide a summary of nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic strategies for managing the disturbances. The ultimate purpose is to maximize quality of life for patients and their bed partners, and to enable patients who have challenging sleep disturbances to remain in the home environment as long as possible.

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JournalSleep Medicine Clinics
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StatePublished - Sep 2008

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