Qualitative difference in cd34 counts in multiple myeloma(mm) and breast cancer(bca) patient(pt) stem cell grafts

D. R. Simpson, M. K. Gandhi, A. K. Stewart, M. Crump, A. Keating

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Many centers measure CD34 content alone to assess graft adequacy. We compared the CD34 count and CFU-GM levels in peripheral blood cell collections from 98 pts with BCa and 70 pts with multiple MM undergoing blood cell transplantation. There was a close correlation between CD34 (xlO6 /kg) and CFU-GM (xl07/kg) in both BCa (R = 0.82) and MM (R = 0.74) pts. However, pts with BCa had 3 to 4 times as many CFU-GM for a given CD34 count as MM pts (Correlation coefficient; 0.1 for BCa, 0.39 for MM: mean CD34 to CFU-GM ratio; 0.11 for BCa, 0.35 for MM, p< 0.001). The different ratio was due to similar CD34 counts (p=0.54) but lower CFU-GM (pO.OOl) in MM compared to BCa pts. Chemotherapy and cytokine (CC) mobilization was used more often than cytokine alone(C) in MM pts (55/70) compared to BCa pts (24/98), and was associated with a higher CD34:CFU-GM ratio in BCa (p=0.006) but not MM (p=0.19) pts. Despite this, the difference in the CD34:CFU-GM ratio was still significant when pts receiving the same mobilization, CC (p=0.003) or C (p=0.01) were compared separately. In MM pts, > 6 months melphalan treatment (p=0.65, p=0.2) or marrow plasmacytosis >30% (p=0.2, p=0.9) did not affect the CFU-GM level or the CD34:CFU-GM ratio. Too few patients had late neutrophil (MM-0, BCa-1 ) or platelet (MM-2, BCA-4) engraftment to determine whether the threshold for engraftment was different between the two groups as patients with < 2.5x 106CD34 cells/kg or CFU-GM < 10x10 colonies/kg did not undergo BMT without further marrow or stem cell collection . In summary pts with MM have lower CFU-GM levels for a given CD34 count than BCa pts. We conclude that CD34 thresholds for' engraftment need to be determined for specific diseases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages1
JournalExperimental Hematology
Issue number8
StatePublished - 1997

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