Production of acoustic radiation force using ultrasound: methods and applications

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Introduction: Acoustic radiation force (ARF) is used in many biomedical applications. The transfer of momentum in acoustic waves can be used in a multitude of ways to perturb tissue and manipulate cells. Areas covered: This review will briefly cover the acoustic theory related to ARF, particularly that related to application in tissues. The use of ARF in measurement of mechanical properties will be treated in detail with emphasis on the spatial and temporal modulation of the ARF. Additional topics covered will be the manipulation of particles with ARF, correction of phase aberration with ARF, modulation of cellular behavior with ARF, and bioeffects related to ARF use. Expert commentary: The use of ARF can be tailored to specific applications for measurements of mechanical properties or correction of focusing for ultrasound beams. Additionally, noncontact manipulation of particles and cells with ARF enables a wide array of applications for tissue engineering and biosensing.

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JournalExpert review of medical devices
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StatePublished - Nov 2 2018


  • Acoustic radiation force
  • bioeffects
  • modulation
  • phase aberration correction
  • shear waves
  • standing waves

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  • Surgery
  • Biomedical Engineering


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