Principles and Practice of Particle Therapy

Timothy D. Malouff, Daniel M. Trifiletti

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Although radiation has been used therapeutically for over 100 years, the field of radiation oncology is currently in the midst of a renaissance, particularly with regards to the therapeutic use of particles. Over the past several years, access to particle therapy, whether it be proton therapy or other heavy ion therapy, has increased dramatically. Principles and Practice of Particle Therapy is a clinically oriented resource that can be referenced by both experienced clinicians and those who are just beginning their venture into particle therapy. Written by a team with significant experience in the field, topics covered include: Background information related to particle therapy, including the clinically relevant physics, radiobiological, and practical aspects of developing a particle therapy program “Niche” treatments, such as FLASH, BNCT, and GRID therapy The simulation process, target volume delineation, and unique treatment planning considerations for each disease site Less commonly used ions, such as fast neutrons or helium Principles and Practice of Particle Therapy is a go-to reference work for any health professional involved in the rapidly evolving field of particle therapy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages538
ISBN (Electronic)9781119707530
ISBN (Print)9781119707516
StatePublished - Jan 1 2022

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