Pomalidomide (CC4047) plus low dose dexamethasone (Pom/dex) is active and well tolerated in lenalidomide refractory multiple myeloma (MM)

M. Q. Lacy, S. R. Hayman, M. A. Gertz, K. D. Short, A. Dispenzieri, S. Kumar, P. R. Greipp, J. A. Lust, S. J. Russell, D. Dingli, S. Zeldenrust, R. Fonseca, P. L. Bergsagel, V. Roy, J. R. Mikhael, A. K. Stewart, K. Laumann, J. B. Allred, S. J. Mandrekar, S. V. RajkumarF. Buadi

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Patients with multiple myeloma progressing on current therapies have limited treatment options. Pomalidomide (CC4047), an immunomodulatory drug, has significant activity in relapsed myeloma and previous studies suggest activity in lenalidomide refractory disease. To better define its efficacy in this group, we treated a cohort of lenalidomide refractory patients. Pomalidomide was given orally (2 mg) daily, continuously in 28-day cycles along with dexamethasone (40 mg) given weekly. Responses were assessed by the International Myeloma Working Group Criteria. Thirty-four patients were enrolled. The best response was very good partial response in 3 (9%), partial response (PR) in 8 (23%), best responses (MR) in 5 (15%), stable disease in 12 (35%) and progressive disease in 6 (18%), for an overall response rate of 47%. Of the 14 patients that were considered high risk, 8 (57%) had responses including 4 PR and 4 MR. The median time to response was 2 months and response duration was 9.1 months, respectively. The median overall survival was 13.9 months. Toxicity was primarily hematologic, with grade 3 or 4 toxicity seen in 18 patients (53%) consisting of anemia (12%), thrombocytopenia (9%) and neutropenia (26%). The combination of pomalidomide and dexamethasone (Pom/dex) is highly active and well tolerated in patients with lenalidomide-refractory myeloma.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1934-1939
Number of pages6
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 23 2010


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  • immunomodulatory drugs
  • mulitiple myeloma
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