Plasticity of electrical pacemaking by interstitial cells of Cajal and gastric dysrhythmias in W/Wv mutant mice

Tamás Ördög, Marjolaine Baldo, Reka Danko, Kenton M. Sanders

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Background & Aims: Interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) generate and propagate slow waves in the stomach. Gastric peristalsis depends on a proximal-to-distal gradient in slow wave frequency. We tested whether the gastric frequency gradient was an intrinsic property of ICC and whether dysrhythmias result from disruptions of ICC networks. Methods: We studied wild-type (WT) and W/Wv mice, which have only myenteric (pacemaker) ICC in the stomach. ICC distributions were analyzed by Kit immunofluorescence. Pacemaking in tissues was studied by intracellular electrophysiologic recording and in cultured ICC by monitoring mitochondrial [Ca2+] oscillations with rhod-2 fluorescence or membrane potential with DiBAC4(3) fluorescence. Results: Slow wave frequencies were constant throughout WT gastric muscle sheets containing corpus and antrum. Separating the antrum from the corpus caused a significant drop in antral slow wave frequency. ICC from WT antrums also displayed significantly slower pacemaker frequencies than corpus ICC, but the corpus pacemaker frequency dominated in cocultures of corpus and antrum ICC. Myenteric ICC networks were reduced in W/Wv mice, particularly in the corpus. In W/Wv mice, separating the antrum from the corpus failed to reduce antral slow wave frequency. Antral pacemaker frequency in ICC. from W/Wv stomachs was the same as in corpus ICC. Conclusions: The proximal-to-distal slow wave frequency gradient and entertainment of distal electrical activity by gastric ICC. Chronic depletion of ICC networks disrupts the proximal-to-distal frequency gradient, and emergence of etopic pacemakers in the antrum may be caused by "reprogramming" of the ICC pacemakers apparatus.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 1 2002

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