Outpatient dilation of anastomotic strictures of the upper gastrointestinal tract.

D. C. Desai, V. S. Swaroop, K. M. Mohandas, V. Dhir, A. Nagral, R. Deshpande, P. B. Desai

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Anastomotic upper gastrointestinal strictures in 32 patients were dilated on an outpatient basis. Strictures had developed following resection-anastomosis of the esophagus in 27, total esophagectomy in two and total/partial gastrectomy in three patients. Patients with benign anastomotic strictures (group A; n = 21) presented within 6 (median 2) months of surgery while those with recurrent tumors at the site of anastomosis (group B; n = 11) presented 7 (median 14) months later. Dilation using Savary-Gilliard (n = 24), through the scope balloon (n = 2) and Eder Puestow (n = 1) dilators or a combination of these (n = 1) was possible in 20 (95%) patients in group A and 8 (73%) patients in group B. All the 28 patients had relief of dysphagia. Median duration of response after first dilation was 4.2 and 1.2 months in groups A and B respectively. Nature of previous surgery, length of the remaining stomach and recurrence of tumor at anastomosis appeared to affect the technique and outcome of dilation. Savary-Gilliard dilators can be used in a majority of patients except those with short stomachs where through the scope balloon dilators may be preferred.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)16-18
Number of pages3
JournalIndian journal of gastroenterology : official journal of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1992

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