Oblique fluorescence in a MARS scanner with a CdTe-Medipix3RX

L. Vanden Broeke, A. Atharifard, B. P. Goulter, J. L. Healy, M. Ramyar, R. K. Panta, M. Anjomrouz, M. Shamshad, A. Largeau, K. Mueller, M. F. Walsh, R. Aamir, D. J. Smithies, R. Doesburg, K. Rajendran, N. J.A. De Ruiter, D. Knight, A. Chernoglazov, H. Mandalika, C. J. BatemanS. T. Bell, A. P.H. Butler, P. H. Butler

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


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