Multisite research ethics review: Problems and potential solutions

Aidan Ferguson, Zubin Master

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Large scale, multisite clinical research trials have been increasing in frequency. As it stands currently, a research project performed at multiple institutions requires ethics review at each institution. While local (institutional) review may be necessary in some instances, repetitive reviews may require unnecessary changes and not serve to further protect participants. Multiple ethics reviews of a single study have been shown to delay research and require, in some cases, significant resources in order to fulfill the requests of individual ethics boards. This literature review discusses the conceptual issues and outlines empirical research surrounding multisite ethics review from different jurisdictions, as well as alternative methods to streamline the ethics review process including reciprocal review, centralized review, and a proposed modification to the centralized review process.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 2016


  • Centralized review
  • Human subject research
  • Institutional review board
  • Multisite ethics review
  • Multisite research
  • Reciprocal review
  • Research ethics board

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  • Philosophy
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